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Mental Health Motivational Speaker, Trainer, & Suicide Loss Survivor

One of the most sought-after Mental Health Motivational Speakers, AnneMoss has lived the ultimate tragedy and become an expert on emotional wellness, suicide prevention, and postvention, as well as youth mental health. She speaks most often at conferences, universities and schools, workplaces, and corporations.

Her youngest son, Charles, was the funniest, most popular kid in school. As a teen, he wore the mask of a clown to hide his depression and anxiety and used drugs and alcohol to numb his thoughts of suicide. Ultimately, he became addicted to heroin and took his own life in 2015 at age 20.

AnneMoss’s presentations always start with her powerful story of loss but end with a message of hope and the coping skills she used to heal emotionally. Authentic and real, Anne Moss teaches through stories and her audiences offer her their full rapt attention– often not moving.

The most devastating loss of her life was a turning point. While it took time to accept that purpose with grace, she has never looked back or regretted that decision. AnneMoss’s Books and eBooks | Contact AnneMoss 

To whom does this mental health keynote speaker speak?

AnneMoss is one of the most sought-after speakers on mental health because of how the audience relates to her vulnerability.

Besides speaking at conferences, her primary audiences as a mental health public speaker are educators, parents, students, and government agencies. She speaks on mental health topics at workplaces, schools,  universities, addiction conferences, and suicide prevention coalition summits.

9.29.2023. "Oh my heart. I love you-your mission-your advocacy. Our world needs more of you speaking and inspiring. I will carry your message with me and march forward and pay it forward. presence is powerful."

Find Hope Healing and Purpose

…I saw you speak this morning at the NIMH suicide conference and it was one of the most beautiful, raw speeches I have ever witnessed. You were so vulnerable and open and articulate. Your story has inspired me to do everything I can as a doctor to screen for suicide/mental health concerns/and involve the whole family in my work. I thought your comment about connectedness, and the lack of it in our current age of social media and technological advances was brilliant….

Jaimie S., Research Assistant, National Institute of Mental Health 

Speaking and Family Pictures

Pictures of mental health awareness speaker and suicide prevention speaker, AnneMoss Rogers with other mental health advocates, at events, as well as some of her family photos.

Mental health motivational speaker, AnneMoss Rogers holding her award-winning memoir, Diary of a Broken Mind
Mental health speakers and suicide prevention speakers, Zak Williams and AnneMoss Rogers
2014 Rogers Family Photo. Left to right: Younger son Charles Rogers prior to his 2015 death by suicide, husband Randy Rogers, Mental health motivational speaker AnneMoss Rogers, and older son Richard Rogers
Left to right, Maya Anista Smith from Lady Gaga's 'Born This Way Foundation', Mental Health Speaker for Schools AnneMoss Rogers, Danielle Gallagher, Lafayette School District Parent Chair
Top Mental Health Speakers Anne Moss Rogers and Mike Veny at the National Speakers Association Conference (NSA)
Steve Swartz, CEO Hearst Media; AnneMoss Rogers, Mental Health Speaker at the Allen & Company Sun Valley Conference, day 4, Idaho, July, 8, 2022
Mental health speaker for college students, AnneMoss Rogers, with freshmen students from North Carolina State University School of Engineering.
Mental health speaker for workplace AnneMoss Rogers with Leslie Hanson Safety Manager at Dominion Energy. See the event here.
Mental health speaker, AnneMoss Rogers delivering a speech on post-traumatic growth after loss.
Speaker on Mental Health AnneMoss Rogers with her surving son Richard on the set of the Ellen Show
Suicide Prevention Speaker, AnneMoss Rogers on the TEDx stage. See her mental health talks here including her TEDx, "Can a Blog Save Lives?"
NIMH Youth Suicide Prevention Workshop Speakers and Panelists: Elizabeth Ballard Ph.D Staff Scientist NIMH; Maryland Pao, MD, Clinical Director NIMH; Lisa Horowitz, Ph D, MPH, Staff Scientist NIMH; David Brent, MD, University of Pittsburg; Anne Moss Rogers, Mental Health Speaker, Mental Health Awareness Education
One of the speakers on mental health, AnneMoss is a NAMI board member and part of the 2023 National Spotlight Campaign
Mental health speaker for high school students, AnneMoss Rogers and two students
Charles Aubrey Rogers at age 17. Therapeutic boarding school check-in. Not Plan A for the Rogers' family.
2012- L to R at Dunkin Donuts: Younger son, Charles,  AnneMoss, and older son, Richard,  on a visit to see Charles at Therapeutic Boarding School. Charles died by suicide in 2015 at age 20.
Charles loved his daddy. He loved to cuddle, give hugs and was never embarrassed to do so even as a teenager. No one gave love so openly and freely. The world misses a human like him.
Mental Health Keynote Speaker AnneMoss Rogers standing on stage at outdoor event for Speak Up Reach Out for suicide prevention in Eagle County, Colorado.















The audience at the American Foundation of Suicide Prevention Out of the Darkness Walk at UNC Chapel Hill with Suicide Prevention Speaker, AnneMoss Rogers

In Memory of Charles Aubrey Rogers, 1995-2015

The funniest, most popular kid in high school, Charles Aubrey Rogers, suffered from addiction and depression and died by suicide at age 20. All Anne Moss does is in memory of her younger son, Charles.

charles aubrey rogers and anne moss rogers

I just want to say that you are a beautiful soul and I feel so blessed to have heard you speak today.  Thank you for sharing your story and your knowledge!

Alex Littleton, Dir of Operations at Communities In Schools of Southwest Virginia

Mental Health Awareness Blog

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Parental Guilt and Regrets

This is a 2013 photo of Charles on the left, my son who took his life, and my older son, Richard, on the right who is a filmmaker in LA. This was taken on Charles's holiday break from therapeutic boarding school (TBS). For years after my son's return and after his...

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Do People with Depression Visit the Doctor More Often?

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Drugs, Alcohol and the Tragic Link to Suicide

Drugs and alcohol were Charles's antidote to thoughts of suicide which we never knew about. That bouncy fun toddler had been replaced by a hilarious teenager who had become uber secretive with episodes of depression and anxiety. This sudden behavior change, especially...

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