Emotionally well people perform better and that is not only good for your company culture, it’s good for the bottom line and prepares employees to be future leaders.

Mental health speaker for the workplace, AnneMoss Rogers, addresses the emotional issues that can affect retention, work environment, safety, productivity, profitability, and absenteeism. How can a mental health speaker for the workplace help you achieve a culture where people thrive?

Anne Moss Rogers’ Workplace Wellness Programs

So what mental health issues are your employees dealing with?

Issues with aging parents, stress over financial issues, family discord due to trauma, addiction, or a child who is struggling often negatively affect those in your workforce. How can you make them feel more supported?

EAPs and check-the-box approaches don’t resolve the issues that result from people who are struggling.

Has your company invested in productivity training but not much in mental health training?

If you address emotional wellness, the other miraculously improves.

And leaders willing to bring in consultants such as mental health speakers and consultants to help managers and employees with personal issues, shows you care about your people. Productivity training just says you care about your business’s bottom line and how much you can get out of your workforce.

Here are a few of the issues today’s employees are dealing with:

  • Parents who lose a child have to come back to work. How are they supported on their week back?
  • Do people feel a sense of connection and belonging, a foundation of good workplace mental health?
  • What about parents dealing with a child who is struggling? Or a spouse who is struggling?
  • Do you have employees who struggle with anxiety or depression?
  • Do you share strategies or provide training on how to manage strong emotions, the basis of conflict management, and healthy work relationships?
  • What about workplace issues that have erupted as a result of people being emotionally dysregulated? How has a hybrid culture disrupted relationship building and what are some strategies to connect the two groups?
  • Do your employees know what EAP resources are available to them? Are they using them?
  • What about work/life balance? Are your employees using their PTO or driving themselves to a point of diminishing returns and burnout?
  • Are you going through a merger, a layoff, big reorganization? How is this affecting your workforce?
  • And your managers. Do they feel they have the skills to manage a workforce that is struggling with mental health concerns? Are they feeling overwhelmed and unqualified?
mental health speaker for workplace annemossrogers and leslie hanson standing
Mental Health Speaker for Workplace, AnneMoss Rogers with Safety Manager, Leslie Hanson of Dominion Power

Employee mental health is in the spotlight

Employees need to be able to ask questions and find available resources. And we need mental health and suicide prevention in the workplace to be a topic worthy of attention. In short, we need psychological safety, which means that people feel work is a safe place which can mean different things to different companies.

The topic title for this corporate mental health event was The Emotionally Naked® Truth About Suicide. This one was a 1.5-hour hybrid event and had several pauses for questions and answers.

The most popular workplace mental health topic is Emotionally Naked® Workplace Wellness which is customized per workplace HR or Safety goals and revolves around bolstering a culture of connection and belonging, the foundation of a healthy workplace environment. A highlight of this presentation is practical strategies for managing stress and stressful relationships and finding ways to reframe difficult situations so people see them as opportunities to learn and succeed instead of setbacks and failures.

Feedback from employees at Dominion Energy on mental health speaker for workplace, AnneMoss Rogers

“I’m proud of the Company for prioritizing mental health initiatives and enabling employees to attend.  It helps our workplace as well as our communities to provide education and tools to DE employees.”

“The speaker was able to pour out so much valuable and helpful information because of her own experience.  I learned so much, particularly about being a good listener, being aware of possible signs of a troubled person who may be suicidal.  I feel more comfortable letting a person know that I care and ask the important question to help them get help!”

Anne Moss Rogers is a courageous and dynamic speaker. It was beyond admirable to listen as she relived her son’s suicide while she has persevered with purpose to save and touch others.  It is remarkably selfless in the way she honors her son by sharing unimaginable loss and her continuous long journey. We were fortunate to have her speak.

“This presentation was fantastic. Holding more of these presentations will help break the stigma of mental illness and promote engaging, transparent conversation.”

“What a powerful presentation.  I definitely learned that suicide is not selfish – instead it is the only way out to stop the pain.” 

“This presentation was a very personal and engaging approach to a difficult subject. Suicide has touched Dominion recently, and the presentation helped me to understand how others might be feeling as well as how to identify and approach the topic with others. I also found the material extremely helpful as a parent.”

“Very informative. Our ERG (PRIDE) did a lunch & learn several years ago (pre-COVID) which was educational in nature. I really like this format as it was personal, raw BUT still very informative. I have been on the helping/coping side of colleagues struggling and contemplating with self-harm thoughts – it is tough..”

EAP = Employee Assistance Programs
DEI = Diversity, and Inclusion
PTO= Paid Time Off

Below are the results from the “I struggle with” activity

Since it was a hybrid event, these post-its are from both in-person and online participants that illustrate what employees are dealing with.

I want to offer a special thank you to Leslie Hanson because it’s not always easy to encourage a big company to embrace the topic of suicide, mental illness, and addiction, or to encourage them to invite a corporate mental health speaker into the workplace to discuss these uncomfortable topics.

The post-it notes are from attendees who named one thing they were struggling with. Usually, it’s that one thing that keeps someone up at night.

The testimonials first and then the post-it project.

workplace mental health speaker activity
In-person participants’ responses to the workplace mental health activity, “I struggle with…”
workplace mental health icebreaker activity
Online participants’ responses to the workplace mental health activity, “I struggle with…”
workplace mental health activity
Online participants’ responses to the workplace mental health activity, “I struggle with…”

Anne Moss Rogers’ Workplace Wellness Programs