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All mental health keynote speaker and suicide prevention topics include AnneMoss’s powerful story of loss and how she found hope. Mental Health Keynote Speaker topics can be delivered in-person, virtually, or hybrid. Topics are customized for the audience and AnneMoss can help you choose which one will most resonate with your attendees. 

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Mental Health Keynote Speaker Topic #1

From Pain to Purpose: How to Find Healing Through Helping

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After years of trying to find help for her once joyful son and rap artist, AnneMoss’s son Charles continued to struggle with mental illness. Desperate to escape the darkness of his depression, Charles turned to heroin and died by suicide in 2015 at age 20.  This presentation is about AnneMoss’s inspiring journey to healing. By dragging an unpopular topic into the spotlight and learning to heal through helping, AnneMoss shares how a blog community came together in their shared pain and has saved lives in the most surprising and unexpected ways.


  • Surprisingly simple–and unconventional–ways we can save lives
  • How we can effectively communicate to those who are struggling
  • How to forgive oneself after a loss by suicide
  • Moving forward from grief–to a life-changing, healing path

“AnneMoss Rogers is probably the most resilient person I know. She has managed to turn grief into action… I had the pleasure of presenting with her at the Pediatric Academic Societies conference and her part was absolutely the best. She received a standing ovation. I have been to this conference for two decades and I have never seen any speaker receive a standing ovation. She was powerful. She was moving.”

—Lisa Horowitz, PhD, MPH, Staff Scientist/Clinical Psychologist, National Institute of Mental Health, Co-Presenter on the ASQ Suicide Screening tool (Video Testimonial)

Mental Health Keynote Speaker Topic #2

Diary of a Broken Mind: Addiction, Depression and the Tragic Link to Suicide

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AnneMoss Rogers and her husband tried to find help for their struggling son, Charles, a creative genius and rap artist. Desperate to escape the darkness of his depression, Charles turned to heroin and died by suicide in 2015 at age 20.

How common is suicidal thinking among those who are addicted?  How many start using to numb intense and painful feelings or to normalize a mental health condition? And how did AnneMoss find healing after the most devastating loss of her life?


  • How stigma played into Charles’s feeling of low self-worth
  • The prevalence of suicide risk for those with addiction and substance misuse
  • How to recognize signs of depression and suicide and what to do/say
  • How one mom found her path to healing after loss

“My colleagues and I are quite battle hardened, whether military, police, security or all three. Our men and women have been known for our resolve, and Mrs. Rogers has this and unbelievable resilience. Her speech left a lot of us tough cookies in tears, understanding, smiles, but a little bit better than we were prior.”

—Mike Ross, Patrol Officer for Fairfax County Public Schools Safety and Security

Mental Health Keynote Speaker Topic #3

Social Media, Search & Suicide Prevention. How to intervene online when people have lost hope


We blame social media for causing the current rise in suicide rates among youth. But what if we used it to save lives? After losing her son, Charles, to suicide, digital marketing expert, Anne Moss Rogers decided to use Google search skills she once used to get plumbers more leads online to instead reach those looking up ways to die.

This unique presentation includes the stories, comments, and data that illustrate an innovative intervention practice that has shown remarkable results for saving lives by making a digital connection using internet empathy.


  • How are people using the internet when they are in crisis and what we can do?
  • Why are so many kids struggling with mental health issues?
  • What to do or say to someone on social media who is in crisis
  • How can we use social media to promote help-seeking behavior?

“I saw you speak this morning at the NIMH suicide conference, and it was one of the most beautiful, raw speeches I have ever witnessed. You were so vulnerable and open and articulate about your and Charles’ experiences. I thought your comment about connectedness, and the lack of it in our current age of social media and technological advances was brilliant. I am truly inspired by you.”

—J.S., Research Assistant, National Institute of Mental Health 

Mental Health Keynote Speaker Topic #4

This is most often a community topic, for associations and philanthropic groups.

From Suffering to Strength: The impact of mental health on families

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After trying to find help for her once joyful son and rap artist, including wilderness therapy and therapeutic boarding school, AnneMoss Rogers’s son Charles became addicted to heroin while struggling with anxiety and depression and he died by suicide in 2015.

This presentation dispels common mental health myths while delivering a message of hope.


  • Signs of depression
  • Signs of suicide and what to do
  • How stigma affects those who struggle
  • Finding support for you
  • How much to help a loved one
  • Resources for families and those who live with a mental health condition

“Anne Moss was a pleasure to work with. She wanted to know our expectations and audience so she would know how to adequately adjust her presentation. We loved her message and she exceeded our company’s vision for our event. We have heard so much positive feedback from attendees, employees and board members. Communication with Anne Moss was also very easy! Highly recommend Anne Moss; moving story, amazing presentation.”

—Kallie Butler, Communications and Meeting Professional, Wellstone Inc

Where AnneMoss Has Been a Mental Health Keynote Speaker

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Training & Certifications

  • Registered safeTALK suicide prevention trainer- #n42749
  • ASIST Trained: Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training
  • ASK Trained: Focused on identifying, assessing, and helping 5-12 year olds at risk for suicide find hope for life
  • Youth Mental Health First Aid : 8-hour training
  • Preventure: Personality-targeted life skills training for youth shown to reduce drug/alcohol use in schools
  • Trauma-Informed Care Basics

  • Gym Neurocognitive Training for Addiction: with Hamed Ekhtiari, M.D., Ph.D.
  • Bereavement Support Group Facilitator training
  • DBT Steps-A in Schools: SEL curriculum based on DBT and mindfulness
  • SOP Peer Trained: Survivor Outreach Program through AFSP
  • REVIVE! Training: Emergency administration of Narcan® for opioid overdose

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