Mental Health Programs for Healthcare

Mental Health & Suicide Prevention Programs for Clinicians

    For nurses, doctors, surgeons, school counselors and social workers, mental health presentations can be customized to address your specific goals.  In-person, part of a series, virtual, or hybrid.  All the mental health keynote speaker topics have a version that is tailored to clinicians.

    Suicide Prevention in Healthcare 

    The Emotionally Naked® Truth About Suicide: How to Recognize Suicide Risk in Patients & Co-workers

    mental health speaker for nurses Program Details in PDF

    Audiences: Clinicians including dentists, nurses, and doctors, LCSWs, school nurses, school psychologists, schools of social work, medical schools, break out for medical conferences. (For school counselors, this would focus on youth suicide.)

    Time: 30 minutes- 1.5 hours and any time in between.

    Over 50% of those who die by suicide have had contact with a medical professional within months of killing themselves. We also know that doctors and nurses are at higher risk of suicide than the general population making our healthcare institutions ideal places for a more thoughtful system of prevention and intervention.

    This presentation touches on AnneMoss’s powerful story of losing her son Charles to suicide, dispels common myths, and empowers healthcare workers with the skills to prevent this threat to life.


    • Signs of depression in patients and co-workers
    • How to recognize who is suicidal and what to say and do
    • Medical factors and life events that increase risk of suicide
    • How stigma in healthcare affects those who struggle
    • Resources including a validated screening tool

    “Anne Moss educates through her powerful personal story of loss that serves as a wake-up call to the audience. Despite the heavy subject matter of the topic, I do not find her presentation dark and dismal, but surprisingly inspiring and full of hope.”

    —Ted Abernathy MD, Pediatrician

    Below is a 15-minute virtual suicide prevention webinar for the Virginia Healthcare Hospital Association.

    How Clinicians can Help Families with Mental Health Challenges

    From Suffering to Strength: Understanding the impact of mental health on families

    mental health motivational speakers Program Details in pdf

    Audience: For Licensed Clinical Social Workers, Psychologists, Professional Counselors, School Counselors, School Psychologists, Case Workers at Government Agencies, Medical and Nursing Schools

    Time: 45 minutes to 1.5 hours and anything in between

    Topic Description:
    After trying to find help for her once joyful son and rap artist, including wilderness therapy and therapeutic boarding school, AnneMoss Rogers’s son Charles became addicted while struggling with anxiety and depression and he died by suicide in 2015.

    The family support system is an integral part of how well a family member heals both physically and emotionally. This presentation delivers ways in which clinicians can understand what is going through the minds of parents and other loved ones, how to better engage families and understand their fears. It includes AnneMoss’s personal journey plus the resources and strategies that help educate and support families.


    • Signs of depression
    • Signs of suicide and what to do
    • How stigma affects those who struggle as well as the families
    • What parents don’t know and struggle with and how to help
    • Resources for families and those who live with a mental health condition

    “I saw you speak this morning at the NIMH suicide conference, and it was one of the beautiful, raw speeches I have ever witnessed. Your story has inspired me to do everything I can as a doctor to screen for suicide/mental health concerns/ involve the whole family in my work. I thought your comment about connectedness, and the lack of it in our current age of social media and technological advances was brilliant. I am truly inspired by you.”

    —Jessica Sachs, Research Assistant, National Institute of Mental Health

    Suicide Risk Assessment & Safety Planning

    Youth Suicide Risk Assessment & Safety Planning: With AnneMoss Rogers & Kim O’Brien PhD, LICSW

    mental health speaker for social workers Program Details in pdf

    Audience: PCs, psychologists, LCSWs, health care providers, school counselors, peer recovery specialists Time:3.5 hours (half day), Virtual, hybrid or in-person Description: Led by AnneMoss Rogers and Kimberly O’Brien, PhD, LICSW, this workshop will help clinicians decrease a patient’s suicide risk by knowing what to look for, how to do a suicide risk assessment, and a suicide safety plan. In addition, the training will cover tips on how to get young people to communicate their pain, so they get the support they need. AnneMoss Rogers, a mental health and suicide education expert, will tell her personal story of losing a son to suicide, what she wishes she knew in terms of resources, what she has learned since and what clinicians can do to get the family engaged with supporting a child in crisis. Finally, she will share how she healed from the most devastating loss of her life, online trends in teenage mental health, and examples from various case studies. Overall, this workshop will give clinicians the confidence to support those struggling with thoughts of suicide.  
    • Bios of both presenters included in the pdf

    “Both presenters were excellent and the conversastions during the question and answer provided richer understanding of how we can apply this knowledge to our cleints, students, familys that we workwtieh.”

    —LCSW Attendee, Suicide Risk Assessment & Safety Planning Workshop

    Mental Health Speaker Photos

    suicide prevention speaker

    Amy Goldstein, Psychologist; Maryland Pao, M.D., Clinical Director, NIMH; Melissa Earley RN, BSN; AnneMoss Rogers; Lisa Horowitz, PhD, MPH NIMH; Liza Lanzillo, Postbaccalaureate IRTA, NIMH; Deborah Snyder MSW-LCSW-C, NIMH

    suicide risk assessment and safety planning
    Suicide Risk Assessment & Safety Planning Event Team hosted by HCA Hospitals and Chesterield Suicide Prevention Coalition. AnneMoss, Dr. Kim O’Brien, Dr. Melissa Ackley, Jill Weiseman

    AnneMoss’s Training & Certifications

    • Registered safeTALK suicide prevention trainer- #n42749
    • ASIST Trained: Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training
    • ASK Trained: Focused on identifying, assessing, and helping 5-12 year olds at risk for suicide find hope for life
    • Youth Mental Health First Aid : 8-hour training
    • Preventure: Personality-targeted life skills training for youth shown to reduce drug/alcohol use in schools
    • Trauma-Informed Care Basics
    • Gym Neurocognitive Training for Addiction: with Hamed Ekhtiari, M.D., Ph.D.
    • Bereavement Support Group Facilitator training
    • DBT Steps-A in Schools: SEL curriculum based on DBT and mindfulness
    • SOP Peer Trained: Survivor Outreach Program through AFSP
    • REVIVE! Training: Emergency administration of Narcan® for opioid overdose

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