Mental Health Speaker For Parents

Mental health speaker AnneMoss Rogers and school counselor for Steward School, Kris Marchant
Speaker on mental health, AnneMoss Rogers, and Kris Marchant, School Counselor from the Steward School after the parent program. 

Often bundled with teacher training and student education, parent mental health programs are focused on youth mental health and include topics around suicide prevention, depression, anxiety, self-harm, ED, substance misuse and addiction, social media, internet safety, and mobile phones. 

Presentations can be in-person, part of a series, virtual, or hybrid.   Get the overview of  School Mental Health Programs here.  

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Youth Mental Health Education Program for Parents

How to Raise Mentally Healthy Kids: Parenting tips for teaching kids how to cope

mental health speaker for parents Program Details in PDF

Audience: Youth Mental Health Education Program for parents, grandparents, foster parents, and legal guardians.  Parent freshmen orientation for universities and K-12, as part of a school district parent education series, and as an online course. Virtual, hybrid, or on campus.

Time: 1-1.5 hours or anything in between

After trying to find help for her once joyful son and rap artist, including wilderness therapy and therapeutic boarding school, Anne-Moss’s son Charles met heroin, an addiction that led to a downward spiral that ended with his suicide on June 5, 2015.

This presentation is about what she has learned looking back on her journey to prevent other parents from standing in her shoes. The topics covered include mental health awareness and substance misuse education, as well as recognizing red flags and what action to take. This presentation includes her wildly popular 9 parenting tips with stories and examples of what has been effective for fostering independence and resilience in a child of any age raised in the digital world.


  • What is a warning sign versus typical angst?
  • Why are so many struggling with mental health issues?
  • How to talk to your child about difficult subjects and get a response.
  • Times when particular age groups are more vulnerable to despair.
  • What to say/do if your child is struggling with suicide.
  • 9 practical tips that help parents with children of any age build resilience and coping skills  (pdf bullet point one-page download also shared after)

“So glad I forced myself to go out in the rain to learn from AnneMoss Rogers tonight at Millwood School. I’m touched by her story and grateful for the conversation she’s encouraging families to have with their kids about depression, anxiety, and suicide. For those who missed it, google Anne Moss and watch her TEDx talk.”

—Elissa, parent, Millwood School

Youth Suicide Prevention Education for Parents 

The Emotionally Naked Truth about Youth Suicide:
How parents can prevent suicide

suicide prevention education for parents Program Details in pdf

Audience: Parents, orientation events at schools and universities, community events, school assemblies, churches

Time: 45 minutes to 1.5 hours and anything in between

Quick Outline:

  1. AnneMoss’s story
  2. What depression looks like
  3. About suicide, signs, and what to do/say
  4. Resources for those who struggle and for the families who love them

Topic Description:
AnneMoss Rogers has built a following on the subject of suicide, and the mental health conditions and underlying risk factors that often trigger it. After trying to find help for her once joyful son and rap artist, including wilderness therapy and therapeutic boarding school, Charles became addicted while struggling with depression and he died by suicide in 2015.

This presentation dispels common myths about suicide and substance misuse while delivering a message of hope, and empowering regular humans with the skills to help prevent this threat to life.


  • How to recognize the cryptic ways people cry for help
  • How to respond, what to say/do (includes talking points)
  • Creating a suicide-safe environment (aka. means safety)
  • Life events that can increase suicide risk
  • 9 parenting tips for preventing kids from getting to crisis

“I had the privilege of attending the hosted event this past week with keynote speaker AnneMoss Rogers. I have few words to describe the evening…it was riveting.  It gave me pause and has stayed with me.  I’ve had several conversations this week with friends who feel the same. So I’m writing to ask you to bring Anne Moss Rogers back again next year and to open it up to the entire district.”
—Lori, California School District Parent

For Parents Who’ve Lost a Child

(Versions also for suicide loss survivors, those who’ve lost a loved one to addiction, or even more general loss audience.)

Coping Strategies for Grief & Loss: Lessen your suffering after loss

(Note: This topic can be for a general audience of grief and loss survivors, specific to suicide loss or addiction loss, or for parents who’ve lost a child)

grief speaker for parents who've lost a child Program Details in pdf  (This pdf is specific to bereaved parents.)

Audience: Parents, grandparents, foster parents, guardians who’ve lost a child

Time: 45 minutes to 1.5 hours or a series. Virtual, in-person, or hybrid.


This is a practical presentation/workshop with strategies on managing the pain of loss facilitated by a mother who lost a son to suicide (Sometimes AnneMoss teams up with Karla Helbert, who lost her baby to a brain tumor. This pair does a virtual 6-week series.) 

What you will learn:

  • How to build a toolbox of coping strategies in a safe and supportive environment to lessen your suffering
  • defining what “normal” is and what it means to “heal” 
  • Learn how others have moved through grief in a healthy and productive way.
  • Learn how to reframe and answer insensitive comments from others
  • Find out how to forgive yourself and strategies for the “what ifs” and “coulda woulda shouldas.”

“Powerfully raw. Provides intense insight for the full spectrum of mental illness and loss while instilling hope for healing. Thank you for your courage!”

—Jennifer Potter, LOSS Team

Mental Health Speaker Photos

parent program for youth mental health

Training & Certifications

AnneMoss Rogers is the author of two books, one for educators on how to prevent suicide that focuses on mental health, self-harm, substance misuse, and addiction. She is also the author of an award-winning memoir. See her bio, headshots, and more here.
  • Registered safeTALK suicide prevention trainer- #n42749
  • ASIST Trained: Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training
  • ASK Trained: Focused on identifying, assessing, and helping 5-12-year-olds at risk for suicide find hope for life
  • Youth Mental Health First Aid : 8-hour training
  • Preventure: Personality-targeted life skills training for youth shown to reduce drug/alcohol use in schools
  • Trauma-Informed Care Basics
  • Gym Neurocognitive Training for Addiction: with Hamed Ekhtiari, M.D., Ph.D.
  • Bereavement Support Group Facilitator training
  • DBT Steps-A in Schools: SEL curriculum based on DBT and mindfulness
  • SOP Peer Trained: Survivor Outreach Program through AFSP
  • REVIVE! Training: Emergency administration of Narcan® for opioid overdose

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