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Watch Anne Moss’s powerful mental health video, her 6-minute TEDx, “Can a Blog Save Lives?”

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Speaking Topics: mental health, suicide, coping and resilience, grief, addiction, post-traumatic growth, toxic positivity, digital media and its impact on youth mental health and suicide

“Your presentation was absolutely mesmerizing. It was very factual and for the physicians in the audience, it was an eye-opening experience. We look forward to reading your book.”

K. Singh Sahni, M.D., FACS, Neurosurgeon, Chairman of Neuroscience & Medical Director Gamma Knife Center at Johnston Willis Hospital 

Mental health keynote speaker, Anne Moss Rogers

This is two minutes of a one-hour keynote at Safe and Sound Schools annual summit for educators. My topic was suicide prevention. And in this clip, I talk about an overall trend I’m seeing that is affecting the mental health of our young people.

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This is AnneMoss at UNC-Chapel Hill talking about how to help someone in a suicidal crisis when you don’t know what to do. This is from the UNC Out of the Darkness Walk for suicide Prevention.

virtual video

Thank you so much for sharing. This hits very close to home for me and it is so great to hear other perspectives on it. Thank you for being so vulnerable. You are truly a light!.

Kiersten Dillow, CPS Investigator at Washington County Dept of Social Services

Thank you so very much! This was powerful. I learned about so many new resources. Ex.…

Anne Flaherty, (She/Hers) – Vice President for Student Affairs Eastern Illinois University

Virtual Video

virtual video pain into purpose

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We received such amazing feedback from your presentation and the students gained such important knowledge and information. Your story and experience provide a perspective that cannot be taught in a textbook

Julia Rice Stokes, MSW, LMSW, CLCP, Teacher, VCU School of Social Work

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Mental Health Awareness Blog

Parental Guilt and Regrets

Parental Guilt and Regrets

This is a 2013 photo of Charles on the left, my son who took his life, and my older son, Richard, on the right who is a filmmaker in LA. This was taken on Charles's holiday break from therapeutic boarding school (TBS). For years after my son's return and after his...

Do People with Depression Visit the Doctor More Often?

Do People with Depression Visit the Doctor More Often?

One of the signs of someone who might be living with depression and even suicidal thoughts is a person who visits the school nurse, the doctor, the ER, or urgent care often with physical complaints. (Keep in mind that everyone who has depression isn't suicidal and...

Drugs, Alcohol and the Tragic Link to Suicide

Drugs, Alcohol and the Tragic Link to Suicide

Drugs and alcohol were Charles's antidote to thoughts of suicide which we never knew about. That bouncy fun toddler had been replaced by a hilarious teenager who had become uber secretive with episodes of depression and anxiety. This sudden behavior change, especially...

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