AnneMoss had the opportunity to join Dr. Laura Froyen of the Balanced Parent podcast to talk about the hard – but critical – topic of suicide in children and teens.

Grab a cup of coffee (or your favorite beverage) and listen in for information on these topics and more:

  • AnneMoss’ journey through the loss of a child to suicide 
  • How to identify indicators of mental health struggles
  • Discerning normal curiosity vs. signs needing attention in kids discussing death
  • Distinguishing self-harm and suicide
  • How to handle a child’s suicidal thoughts
  • Seeking risk assessment
  • Advocacy steps for swift support and child well-being as a parent
  • Responding to mental health issues in the community among children

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About The Blanced Parent podcast and Dr. Laura Froyen

Parenting is often lived in the extremes. It’s either Great Joy or chaotic overwhelmed. In one moment you’re nailing it and the next you’re losing your cool I want to help you find your way to the messy middle, to a place of balance. You see, balance is a verb not a state of being. it is a thing you do not a thing you are. it is an action a process a series of micro-corrections each and every day to keep ourselves feeling centered. We are never truly balanced. We are engaged in the process of balancing.

The Balanced Parent is where overwhelmed stressed out and disconnected parents go to find tools, mindset shifts and practices to help them stop yelling at the people they love and start connecting on a deeper level, all delivered with heaping doses of grace and compassion. Join Dr. Froyen in conversations that will help you get clear on your goals and values and start showing up in your parenting, your relationships, YOUR LIFE, with open-hearted authenticity and balance. Let’s go!

my child is suicidal what do i do now

My child has been suicidal. What do I do now?

A what to do, what to say guide for caregivers.

This free 20-page eBook focuses on how to manage the conversations & emotions you are experiencing after a child has confessed to suicide, attempted suicide, or is coming home after a hospital stay after an attempt.