AnneMoss Rogers, a mental health speaker for high school students, visited George Marshall High School in Fairfax County for a Resilience and Coping Strategies Assembly. Over 2,000 high school students participated. AnneMoss told her story about losing Charles and the steps she took in her grief journey to find emotional healing and be able to stand before students, teachers, and conference attendees tell it. This was the first large event this school has held in over two years due to the pandemic.

In order to keep students safe given the emotional sensitivity of the topic, there were counselors on hand should students need to talk and posters with crisis text resources posted on the walls with QR codes in several different languages. Resources were included and after the presentation, students went to their advisory classes and discussed what coping strategies they’d put in their own toolboxes.

To see student topics, visit the mental health speaker for students page

This program is adjusted based on the number of students, and the age of the students. Workshops are obviously easier to facilitate with smaller groups but all presentations involve students and interactive activities.