Wed, 02/21/2024    
12:00 pm - 1:30 pm

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Join us for a thought-provoking discussion that aims to bridge gaps and foster better understanding between genders after a traumatic loss. Why is it harder for men to open up and how can we support our men? This event will focus on the challenges men face in expressing themselves and building deeper connections. Let’s unravel the layers and encourage a culture where men feel empowered to open up and share their true selves.

The panelists will share their expertise on the following key points:

  1. Communication Between Genders: Analyze the differences in communication styles between women and men and how it impacts understanding and expression.
  2. Drugs and Alcohol: Examine the impact of substance use on men’s ability to open up emotionally.
  3. Vulnerability and Fear: Discuss the perception that men have regarding vulnerability
  4. Protectors, Providers, and Fixers: Understand the societal expectations that label men as protectors and providers, influencing their reluctance to appear weak.
  5. Wearing a Mask, Feel to Heal: Delve into the concept of men wearing emotional masks and the importance of breaking free to facilitate healing.


Facilitator and Host, AnneMoss Rogers is a mental health speaker, suicide prevention speaker, and trainer. After her 20-year-old son, Charles’s death by suicide in 2015, AnneMoss sold her digital marketing firm. She is the author of the award-winning memoir, Diary of a Broken Mind and the best seller, Emotionally Naked: A Teacher’s Guide to Preventing Suicide and Recognizing Students at Risk with co-writer Dr. Kimberly O’Brien. She is a TEDx speaker, featured in the New York Times, Variety Magazine, and was the first non-clinician invited to speak on youth suicide at the National Institute of Mental Health. A UNC-Chapel Hill alumna, AnneMoss lives in Richmond, VA.

Karla Helbert is a licensed professional counselor (LPC), internationally certified yoga therapist, (C-IAYT), registered yoga teacher (RYT), award winning author and bereaved mother. Counseling and supporting those living with traumatic grief and bereavement is her main focus of work. Karla is the author of three books on grief including Yoga for Grief and Loss, The Chakra System in Grief and Trauma, and Finding Your Own Way to Grieve: A Creative Activity Workbook for Kids and Teens on the Autism Spectrum

She is the author of three books on grief including Yoga for Grief and LossThe Chakra System in Grief and Trauma, and Finding Your Own Way to Grieve: A Creative Activity Workbook for Kids and Teens on the Autism Spectrum.

Tony Lynch is the founder of Memories of Us, LTD, an organization dedicated to connecting men with the necessary resources and holding space with other men in communities and around the world who have experienced loss and struggled to find strength and purpose in their healing and to help end the stigma that society has placed on our men.

Michael Overlie is the founder of Dogs and Men, an organization focused on working with dogs and men, existing solely to bring emotional confidence and love to all beings. He is the author of Let Your Dog Lead and coauthor of The Change: Insights Into Self Empowerment, Vol 17. Dogs and Men came about based on Michael’s own life experiences, both individually and those shared with his dogs. His dogs literally saved his life. With the number of Dogs and Men needlessly dying because of a lack of awareness, the need became evident.

Dogs and Men serves both Dogs and Men by deepening the bond between the two and teaching them the skills they never acquired to become emotionally confident, among other things. These new relationship skills are then expanded upon, translated and transferred to the other relationships in the man’s life, creating more harmony and peace as a way of being.

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