For: Washington County Behavioral Health Board
Event: Suicide & SUD Event (first)
Where: In-person in Marietta, Ohio

Diary of a Broken Mind: A Mother’s Story of Loss, Addiction and Suicide

AnneMoss Rogers and her husband tried to find help for their struggling son, Charles, a creative genius and rap artist. Desperate to escape the darkness of his depression, Charles turned to heroin and died by suicide in 2015 at age 20.

How common is suicidal thinking among those who are addicted?  How many start using to numb intense and painful feelings or to normalize a mental health condition? And how did AnneMoss find healing after the most devastating loss of her life?

Learning outcomes: 

  • How stigma played into Charles’s feeling of low self-worth
  • The prevalence of suicide risk for those with SUD
  • How to recognize signs of depression and suicide and what to do/say
  • Reducing access to means to keep loved ones safe from suicide
  • How one mom found her path to healing after loss

Themes: Suicide prevention, SUD, grief, depression, anxiety, coping strategies, critical thinking, resilience, hope, resources