I traveled to Amarillo, Texas in May to speak at their LOSS conference, which stands for Local Outreach for Suicide Survivors (LOSS). LOSS is a nonprofit focused on supporting suicide loss survivors starting at the time when they lose their loved ones.

Here’s a short scenario of what happens when a LOSS team is dispatched:

  1. A suicide loss survivor and mental health provider arrive on the scene and speak with the police officers on-site.
  2. If appropriate, they sit with the family for emotional support
  3. The team leaves a binder with practical information and resources such as how to write an obituary, resources to call, support groups, cleanup, and more.
  4. This allows the officers to do what they need to do and relieves them of providing emotional support when they have to complete their investigation of the scene.

The photo at the top of the page shows the volunteers who respond to those calls. I asked lots of questions, especially for suicide loss survivors. Most of them said that giving back had helped them heal.

Learning outcomes from grief and loss event

This is just three out of dozens. Here is most of the batch on Facebook.

suicide postvention speaker
Grief speaker, Anne Moss Rogers, presents to an audience of social workers, grief counselors, school counselors, university student advisors, first responders, and suicide loss survivors in Amarillo TX

Coping Strategies for Grief & Loss

free grief ebook on coping with loss

This is a practical, guide with examples and handholding for those in the early stages of grief. Written by three contributing authors who have suffered the loss of a child, two of whom died by suicide and one from a brain tumor. By Anne Moss Rogers and Karla Helbert LPC

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  • Learn how others have moved through grief in a healthy and productive way.