This 15-minute virtual presentation was for the 2023 Virginia Patient Safety Summit Virginia Hospital and Healthcare Conference. While this is condensed to a 15-minute virtual presentation, it’s typically a 45-60 minute presentation on mental health and spotting those who might be at risk for suicide including fellow nurses, doctors, and administrators, and how to intervene with empathy and compassion. What is the right thing to say? How to fight the feeling you are not “qualified” and understanding that you can’t fix another human but you can listen.

This presentation was for the 2023 Virginia Patient Safety Summit
virginia hospital and healthcare association

Topic: How to Recognize Suicide Risk in Our Patients & Co-workers

After trying to find help for her once joyful son and rap artist, including wilderness therapy and therapeutic boarding school, AnneMoss’s son Charles met heroin while struggling with depression and he died by suicide in 2015.

This presentation dispels common myths about depression, suicide, and substance misuse, while delivering a message of hope, and empowering regular humans with the skills to help prevent this threat to life.


  • How to recognize the cryptic ways people cry for help
  • How to respond, what to say/do (includes talking points)
  • The importance of diversity and inclusion when it comes to mental health and suicide prevention
  • Creating a suicide-safe environment (aka. means safety)
  • Life events that can increase suicide risk