AnneMoss joins hosts Whitney Hale and Kelsey Bobka from the Making Lemonade with Whit + Kels Podcast to talk about her story, her resilience, and ultimately finding hope.

From the hosts:

“AnneMoss did such an amazing job at articulating her thoughts and feelings about what life has been like after going through such a tragedy.  She takes you a long on her journey as she describes the pain that she has felt and the questions that arose with losing her son.

AnneMoss is an incredible woman who has a story to tell so that she can help others, and we are honored to have her share her story on our platform.”

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About the Making Lemonade with Whit + Kels podcast:

Life sure knows how to hand us lemons, what we do with them can affect the outcome of our lives. Whit + Kels have been handed their fair share of lemons, and are doing the best to make lemonade out of it. in 2017 they both lost a child, while navigating grief and loss, they became friends and want to help others along the way. They will be sharing their journeys, as well as interviewing many others who have gone through the trenches, and figured out how to get up on the other side!

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Book Cover: Diary of a Broken Mind - A Mother's Story, a Son's Suicide, and the Haunting Lyrics He Left Behind by Anne Moss Rogers with Charles Rogers published by Beach Glass Books. New York Book Festival Winner. International Book Awards Finalist. Best Book Awards Award Winning Finalist. Reader's Favorite Book Award Finalist. 2020 Library of Virginia Literary Award Nominee.

Learn more about AnneMoss’ incredible story of grief, hope, and healing through her award-winning memoir Diary of a Broken Mind: A Mother’s Story, a Son’s Suicide, and the Haunting Lyrics He Left Behind.