The Interview

Recently, I had the opportunity to speak with Dr. Keith McNally for an episode of his The Question Guy podcast. We talk openly about Charles’ substance use disorder – specifically heroin addiction – and the shame and stigma attached to that addiction. And how the shame led to his need to numb those feelings more with drugs, which led to more shame, and so on. It is a vicious cycle for sure. And then, my shame. I mean, my son killed himself. That isn’t exactly “Parent of the Year” award material, right?

Here are some key points in the conversation you won’t want to miss:

  • Finding connection in others that “get it”
  • My toolbox of coping strategies and how I added to it
  • Writing as a creative and cathartic outlet
  • Dealing with Emotionally Naked going “viral” and dealing with grief in the public’s eye
  • How my blog posts touched people and saved lives
  • How I’ve learned to carry grief with me and thrive in spite of the tragedy of Charles’ suicide

This episode is exclusively available on The Question Guy YouTube Channel

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About Dr. Keith McNally and The Question Guy podcast

The Question Guy podcast came about in the aftermath of COVID-19, when Dr. McNally began reaching out to online connections to have meaningful conversations. Once started, the conversations gained momentum in 2022, evolving into impactful discussions about personal and professional transformations.

Recognizing these narratives’ significance, Dr. McNally obtained permission to record and share, and transforming those casual conversations with connections into The Question Guy Podcast. The conversations underscore a growing need for change, growth, and community among professionals globally. Through further discussions with change-makers, Dr. McNally states that it has become evident shifts in personal values are influencing behavior and fostering social awareness.

On a personal note, Dr McNally is taking on an incredible challenge: conquering the legendary Appalachian Trail. This iconic trail spans approximately 2,200 miles, from Springer Mountain, Georgia, to Mount Katahdin, Maine. But he isn’t just hiking for personal achievement; they are embarking on a hike-thru journey, aiming to cross the entire length of the trail within a single 12-month period. The goal? To kickstart this epic trek in 2024.

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