AnneMoss Rogers with Dr. Jill Garrett on the Motherhood Feels Podcast

What signs did AnneMoss see in her son long before he took his life at age 20 in 2015? What are those early signs in younger children that point to potential mental health issues later? How do we address the fears of our children? Are we listening and allowing our kids to feel heard at any age? How do parents advocate for their kids when they are often dismissed with the phrase, “He’ll grow out of it?”

You can’t cheerlead a child out of their feelings but ask with curiosity about the root of their fears. This podcast has many tips for raising mentally healthy kids. Parents don’t have all the answers. But you can help them find their own answers and where you can find support if you suspect something is up with your child.

About Motherhood Feels

This podcast was founded by Dr. Jill Garrett, a licensed psychologist with extensive specialty experience in perinatal mental health. 

With over ten years as a practicing psychologist, the founder of the maternal mental health service line at the hospital where she practices, and the founding psychologist and program director of a perinatal-specific day program for the same hospital system, Dr. Garrett is well equipped to support you in all your motherhood feels. 

Follow along as Dr. Garrett shares information and evidence-based strategies on maternal mental health for new, expectant, and seasoned moms. 

Listen to this episode on the Motherhood Feels website or find it anywhere you listen to podcasts.

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