AnneMoss Rogers joins Elaine Lindsay on the Suicide Zen Forgiveness podcast to talk about, well – suicide, zen, and forgiveness!

About the Episode:

AnneMoss talks candidly about growing up in a loving family while still living through trauma including a broken neck, a sexual assault at knife point, being struck by lightning, and a benign brain tumor – all of which helped her build the resilience to withstand the ultimate tragedy: her son Charles’ suicide in 2015.

Determined to carry on Charles’ legacy, AnneMoss turned her devastating loss into purpose. It took some time to accept that purpose with the grace you’ll hear today, but never once has she regretted the decision to transition from a digital marketing business owner to become a speaker, educator, consultant, trainer, and advocate working every day to bring conversations about mental health and suicide to the forefront.

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Watch this video clip on how to help someone who is in a suicidal crisis –
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About Elaine Lindsay and the Suicide Zen Forgiveness Podcast:

“I’m Elaine Lindsay, I’m bionic, I’ve come through trauma, PTSD,  grief and loss, drug addiction (am currently what I call a functional junkie – on minimal pain meds)  I speak to mental health issues, trying to manage it all on your own, and the need we all have for a tribe to support us…

I have teetered on the brink of “lights out”  too many times to count. My friend Andrea took her own life when I was 16. Her untimely death would change my life in ways I couldn’t know or understand back then.  

Four short years later, on the highway, in front of Andrea’s gravesite, I was crushed between 3 cars. This was the first in a series of unfortunate incidents that trapped me as a victim of pain and adversity, interminable hospital stays, and drug dependence and despair, fighting the urge to end it. Instead I remain upright and breathing for over 50 years now.

I host this podcast sharing stories of suicide survivors and those left behind.. as well as mental health struggles.  I empathize with my guests stories as I fit both categories survivor and one left behind.”

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