Image caption: Suicide Prevention Speaker, Anne Moss Rogers with Elisia Majors of Beaver County Behavioral Health

Zero Suicide is a framework that operationalizes the core components necessary for healthcare systems to transform suicide care into seven elements: lead, train, identify, engage, treat, transition, and improve. Communities that have adopted the Zero Suicide model do show positive results in reducing suicides.

I was the suicide prevention speaker for the event whose audience of 200+ was made up of government mental health employees, teachers, school counselors, social workers and psychologists, grief counselors, addiction peers and mentors, community members, and county stakeholders.

Eighteen audience members won a copy of my book, Diary of a Broken Mind while I gave away a copy of Emotionally Naked Teacher’s Guide to Preventing Suicide.

Mental health keynote speaker Anne Moss Rogers and speaker Michael Barfield EdD, LSW, Child and Adolescent Director at Western Psych