Click here for the eBook: How to Recognize Symptoms of Depression

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This 13-page eBook guide is for:

  • For those who are curious about their own symptoms 
  • For those who love someone they suspect may be living with depression
  • Signs you’ve read about and signs that are less talked about w/ examples
  • What loved ones can say/do to be supportive
  • Includes resources

What are the symptoms of depression?

I saw the lists. I read credible sites. But none of them seemed like they fit my son.

He would later be diagnosed with depression, become addicted to heroin, and die by suicide. It was only looking back that I saw signs of depression few talked about.

I don’t want you to wait until it’s really awful. If it’s someone you love I don’t want you to wait until things are really bad.

This 13-page eBook will help you figure out what’s wrong. Because sometimes having a reason for how you feel, or how a loved one is behaving, helps.

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Examples include

my child is suicidal what do i do now
prevent suicide in your kids