I did a keynote, “Diary of a Broken Mind,” and a breakout mental health session, “The Emotionally Naked Truth About Student Suicide,” at the Michigan Association of Secondary School Principals (MASSP) 2022 Student Mental Health Summit #SMHS22. Attending were school counselors, teachers, principals, and students.

Diary of a Broken Mind is my story about Charles, his drug use, his death by suicide, and how I coped with the loss. How to see signs of suicide in our friends and what to say and do. In addition, how to take care of ourselves.

I love being with so many students who are taking charge of their mental health and that of their peers. When I walked into the room and heard them all laughing and talking, I had to take a moment and find a place to go cry. It reminded me of the days when Charles was with his friends and I’d hear all that laughter in the house. It was really nice.

The students were so respectful. They listened, never pulled out their phones, and even took notes. As did the faculty who also attended. Thank you Matt Alley and committee members for inviting me to be part of this summit.

Here are some outtakes of this trip.

mental health speaker for students
Anne Moss and Delaney
mental health speaker for students

I ask the audience to share with me one thing they learned:

More “one thing I learned index cards” from the Michigan Youth Mental health Summit in Michigan:

what teens learned from suicide prevention talk

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