Yep. It’s true. AnneMoss joined the hosts of the comedy parenting podcast Momtourage – and they all got serious about youth suicide and protecting our kids. Mental health is no joke, and hosts Ashley Hearon-Smith and Keri Setaro rolled up their sleeves and jumped right in, ready to spread the word and take on this heavy topic because it is just too important not to talk about.

See AnneMoss’ mental health speaker page for parents for speaking and training topics to educate parents on what to say, what to do, and how to manage the emotions around the difficult topic of teen mental health and teen suicide.

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About the Momtourage podcast:

What would happen if Busy Phillips and Howard Stern had a parenting show? Meet Ashley and Keri! No one drops more f-bombs about parenting and mom-life than these two accidental best friends. Dishing, and sometimes revealing more than their partners would like in each episode, they’re all too honest about parenting fails, the struggle to be selfless mothers but still badass bitches, and post-partum sex. Recently voted #14 on Podcast Magazine’s 2021 “Top Moms in Podcasting”, they are the relatable mom group rejects you didn’t know you needed.  Now in partnership with CafeMom, reaching 40M moms monthly.

Originally paired together for the Scary Mommy Speaks podcast in 2019,  then Momtourage in February 2020, Ashley and Keri have given listeners a mom sanctuary to turn to when you’re more Lorelai Gilmore than June Cleaver. If you’ve thought it, they’ve probably said it, and then got kicked out “Mommy and Me” for it. While we can’t give away our kids, we can complain about them while loving the shit out of them simultaneously. Ashley and Keri are letting parents everywhere know that they’re not alone, and we are all in this together.

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