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I recently sat down with Brenda Zane, host of Hopestream, a podcast for parents navigating the complexities of having a child who is misusing substances. This subject is messy and difficult to hear because denial is so much more appealing. I know. I’ve been there. Patience and curiosity are the best tools we have for exposing the root of our kids’ pain.

You’ll know how to recognize signs that your child needs to talk about suicide and ways to work through what can be an overwhelming fear. Because most parents rather talk about sex than tackle this topic. You can find Hopestream on all major podcast apps (Apple, Google, Spotify, etc.) or here to go straight to the episode.

In this episode, you’ll learn: 

  • Why Anne Moss left a career she was passionate about to pursue advocacy for suicide prevention full time
  • Whether talking about suicide plants seeds in a person’s mind about killing themselves
  • How her son Charles’s battle with mental health showed up in the beginning and how it progressed
  • The connection between addiction and suicide
  • How Anne Moss navigated her son’s immediate relapse after rehab
  • The red flags to look for if someone you love is contemplating suicide
  • What you can do if your son or daughter avoids engaging in this topic with you

Want the inside view of what kids who are using think? My son was a prolific writer and I included his rap lyrics to tell of his journey through depression, anxiety, addiction, and finally his death by suicide. And of course, my story tells it from my point of view. Get Diary of a Broken Mind from Beach Glass Books and pay no shipping. Also at Fountain Bookstore, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and in many countries, too. See the book page here.

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