Me (Anne Moss Rogers), Mike Veny (in the middle), and Sally Spencer-Thomas (far right) gave a presentation at the 2022 National Speakers Association (NSA) annual meeting called Influence pertaining to mental health. The picture above was our tour of downtown Nashville after.

While the time there was so much fun, I think the best time we had was on the way back to the hotel with our uber driver. I can’t relay much of our conversation because most of it was fits of laughter but I do remember that I thought the word charcuterie as in “charcuterie board” sounded like a dirty word. which had us laughing so hard we could barely breathe.

Back to our topic. The room was full, it was lively, and the best part? Hearing everyone in their small groups chatting. After so long inside my house away from humans it was great to hear a lot of chatter as they answered some of our topic questions.

Our mental health topic

Find Success through Mental Wellness: You don’t have to trade wealth for wellbeing

Just like flight attendants say, you gotta put on your mask before putting it on someone else. We are the most valuable asset in our businesses and taking care of ourselves often takes a lower priority. How do you do that without trading in wealth for well-being? Covid has put a spotlight on this topic and we will discuss the balance of being a professional and a human being without sacrificing income. Leave your ego at the door because we’ll be having authentic, emotionally naked conversations and exchanging ideas of how we can achieve wealth and good health.

Learning Objectives:

  • Address the emotional highs and lows of being a speaker and an entrepreneur
  • Avoid burnout (since we are the core of our businesses)
  • Make mental wellness a priority and position yourself for success
  • Connection with fellow NSA members
  • Protect and bolster your emotional health with these three action steps

How is this workshop relevant to working professional speakers?

Entrepreneurs and speakers face very specific emotional stressors, especially in the last few years. Loss of income, burnout, survival, fears and transitions, imposter syndrome, dealing with the isolation and adding virtual, time changes, travel restarts, and frequent airline cancellations, redefining oneself post COVID, and dealing with the number of connections with those who dropped out of speaking altogether because they had to.

All three of us are impacted by mental health and suicide and speak/write on these topics successfully.

Mental Health Speakers, Anne Moss Rogers, Mike Veny, and Sally Spencer-Thomas
mental health speaker

Websites for fellow mental health and suicide prevention speakers, Sally Spencer-Thomas and Mike Veny.