This is a true or false mental health quiz you can use in classrooms, workplaces, camps, churches, youth groups, and more to help get the conversation started. Because usually, that’s the hard part. Click the link below to download.

This mental health true or false quiz includes these downloads

  • A true or false quiz anxiety quiz with answer key
  • A suicide education quiz with an answer key
  • A crisis text line poster for printing on your printer

You’ll get a one-page quiz handout for the students or adults and then a two-page answer key with explanations and discussion points. The quizzes fit on one page to conserve paper.

Sample Questions from the Anxiety Quiz

Hearing voices is not a symptom that is linked with anxiety.

True   False

Telling someone to “relax” really helps them to relax.

True   False

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  • One page of 11 true/false questions about anxiety
  • Two-page answer key for facilitators with discussion points all in pdf
  • Bonus crisis text line poster
  • Bonus Suicide Education quiz